bookmark_borderWhat does the DNS CAA record mean?

CAA means Certification Authority Authorization. It is a DNS Resource Record that allows the owner of a domain name to define which Certification Authorities (CAs) can issue a certificate for the domain. Thus, better control the process of issuing certificates. Discover more about the DNS CAA record!

bookmark_borderWhat is the MX record?

MX record is one of the common DNS records that is essential to know. You can probably find the MX record to be called a mail exchanger record. Don’t get confused. It is the same thing.

Every action that you want to perform and is related to domains also requires DNS records for guidance. So let’s see why the DNS MX record is so important!

bookmark_borderWhat does DNS mean?

Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming database system. It is locating and translating domain names into IP addresses. Imagine it is like a mobile’s contacts list. Each one of the names corresponds with numbers, and they are precisely matched. DNS directory is spread worldwide. It helps to explore and reach millions of domain names every day. Without a Domain Name System, we would have to remember each site’s IP address to visit it. Learn more information about the Domain Name System!