bookmark_borderLinux MTR command explained

MTR comes from Matt’s traceroute. First written by Matt Kimball in 1997 and later updated with Roger Wolff’s help. It is software with CLI that assists you in seeing the route of a query. It is based on the traditional traceroute command, but it presents each of the hops on the way, with a table-like view and data like data loss, amount of packets sent, the time of the return of each hop. Read more about how to use the MTR command!

bookmark_borderHost command explained

The Host command is a built-in utility software with a command-line interface. You can find it on Linux or macOS, and it serves for network diagnostics. The most common use of host command is to perform DNS lookups and find different information about a domain name and its DNS records. Read more about the Host command and how to use it!